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The Dearborn County Jail Addition

Construction Management

Construction Management (CM) is yet another project delivery method. CM is a method whereby the client retains a construction manager (the CM) to provide certain preconstruction expertise including cost estimating, value engineering, and scheduling and, during the construction phase of the project, coordination of all construction activities.

The CM approach lends itself particularly well to larger projects by setting up a team approach, although it has been effectively used on smaller projects too. The team of Owner – Architect – Construction Manager work together during all project phases to bring success to the project. All team members act as a check and balance on the others to keep the work in progress in line with the project objectives. All team members are motivated to achieve the project’s goals.

Typical CM services include (but are not limited to):

  • Defining project goals
  • Assisting owner in the architect selection process
  • Defining roles and responsibilities of team members
  • Drawing review
  • Budget analysis
  • Cost analysis
  • Schedule analysis
  • Phasing analysis
  • Value engineering analysis
  • Scope of work narrative
  • Constructability analysis
  • Systems analysis
  • Project bidding
  • Subcontractor prequalification and recommendation
  • Owner meetings
  • Subcontractor meetings
  • Cost reporting
  • Phasing execution
  • Performing, or arranging for, Inspections
  • Training
  • Punch lists

Ask us how we can put this approach to project delivery to work for you. Following are some examples of projects in which Maxwell has participated that were delivered to the end user using the CM approach.

Following are some examples of projects in which Maxwell has participated that were delivered to the end user using the CM approach.

Dearborn County Jail Addition and Renovations

Maxwell acted as CM on this $11.5 Million addition and renovation project in Lawrenceburg. The work was completed in January, 2015.

Dearborn County Courthouse Expansion

Lawremceburg, IN – addition to and renovations of existing courthouse. Maxwell is the CM on this project, slated for completion in 2017

Argosy Casino

New elevated pedestrian walkway - Maxwell acted under separate contract with Construction Manager.

Lawrenceburg Conservancy District

New Community Athletic Fields and facilities in Lawrenceburg, IN -  Maxwell Construction Company was the CM for the project.

University Of Cincinnati Jefferson Hall

Cincinnati, OH – renovations – Maxwell worked under separate contract with Construction Manager

Honda of Indiana

Guardhouse, Distribution and Rail Support facilities - Greensburg, IN - all new facilities. Maxwell worked under separate contracts with the Construction Manager.